Silverstar Hotel & Restaurant Cameron Highlands

Dining with us will not only give you a full meal. In fact, you will not be having ‘only a meal’ when you come to our steamboat restaurant. Instead, what you get is a truly fulfilling meal which will be totally unforgettable.

3 Generations of Great Taste

This is because you are savoring a recipe which dates back to the 1970s. Our business here has gone through three generations where we still keep the authentic taste of what has been passed down to us.

Still the Original Recipe

While we have improved tremendously, we are still very much serving the same recipe that started this legacy. Our steamboat is derived from many years of experience where we ensure that the original taste and aromatic flavor of our soup is maintained without compromising on authenticity and originality.

Customer Experience – Our Focus

Since our business started, we have very worked hard to ensure that our customers enjoy a memorable meal and this continues to be our philosophy till today. More than 30 years ago, a lot of the ingredients were not as original and authentic as what we get today but we are still able to keep a consistent taste to our soups.

This is the taste that thousands of customers have come, enjoyed and continued to visit us. This has gone through 3 generations and they are still visiting us and recommending us to their friends and families. This is the level of effort and lengths we go through so that our customers like you will always remember us for a great meal and an unforgettable experience.

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